RRSA (Right Respecting Schools Award)

GOLD Rights Respecting School Award


Glasshouses Primary School aims to be a school where every aspect of a child is focused on and developed, including the area of wellbeing. As part of our school’s aim to promote a happy and successful school, we have just been awarded the GOLD Rights Respecting School Award. This is an award which is given to schools on behalf of UNICEF.

What is a Rights Respecting School? Please click on the following link to view the Guide: What is a Rights Respecting School?

UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation working for children and their rights. In 1989, governments worldwide promised all children the same rights by adopting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). These rights are based on what a child needs to survive, grow, participate and fulfil their potential.

The ‘Rights Respecting School’ award (RRSA) will help our pupils to grow into confident, caring and responsible young citizens both in school and within the wider community. By learning about their rights, our pupils also learn about the importance of respecting the rights of others i.e. their responsibilities.

Our external assessor says:

Congratulations to all the children and adults concerned at Glasshouses Primary on achieving the Gold Award.  The rapid progress the school has made since registering and achieving Bronze in May 2018 is fantastic, well done.”

“It was evident that children’s rights are embedded across the school and underpin every facet of school life.” 
“Parents, staff and pupils described mutually respectful relationships in school. The headteacher referred to the huge impact rights have had on relationships.”
“Glasshouses has a strong inclusive ethos which is reflected in the children’s awareness and understanding of equality and diversity. The PSHE curriculum is driven by children’s rights and pupils are confident discussing homophobia, racism and inequality, particularly between boys and girls. Pupils are eloquent and considered in their use of language and confident in challenging stereotype.”
To view the full Report, please click on the following link: Glasshouses RRSA GOLD Report (Feb 2020)


UNICEF Shoe Share Appeal - 22 February 2019


Thank you to everyone who supported our first UNICEF Shoe Share appeal. Look how many pairs of shoes were donated!  (This is just some of them; there were lots more!) Thank you for helping us to support such a worthwhile cause.

Fairtrade Visit - Feb 2019


We had a visit from Rosy Jones of Fairtrade. She spoke to us about how Fairtrade helps the pooreset people in the world by paying them a fair price for their goods. This often means that the farmers can afford to pay for schooling and healthcare for their families. This would mean that their children's rights would be ahered to.

We support Fairtrade in school by using Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar in the staff room and at school events.


Local MP and Government Chief Whip, Julian Smith visit to Glasshouses - 1 February 2019

In response to a letter the pupils at Glasshouses wrote to the Houses of Parliament back in November about air pollution, the school had a visit from their local MP (and the Government Chief Whip), Julian Smith, today. He spoke to the whole school about his job as a conservative MP, which tied in with the school's ‘British Values’ work on democracy. He was very impressed with the maturity and good manners of the children. A member of the Rights Respecting leadership team presented him with a letter about road safety and the ongoing issues around the school. Mr Smith promised he would take the matter forward on their behalf. The power of pupil voice!

Visit from WaterAid - Thursday 31 January 2019

Today we welcomed Giles Smith, a speaker from WaterAid, who spoke to the children about the importance of clean water for health and sanitation. We discussed Article 24: All children have the right to clean water.