Returning to School in Sept 2020

A dedicated page focusing on procedures for the return of all children in September 2020 and the support for children to address the impact of COVID19 school closure.

On Friday the 19th June 2020 The Secretary of State for Education led the daily Government COVID19 briefing. He stated:

‘All pupils in all year groups will go back to school full-time in September’.

Gavin Williamson

We very much welcome this clarity, as I am sure parents do also. In the briefing, it was also stated that guidance on the safety measures for schools from September will be published in the next fortnight.

This dedicated page has been created to provide parents and children with information regarding plans and procedures for the return of all children in September, as well as the support for children to address the impact of the time away from school.

This page will be updated on an ongoing basis. We will inform parents via letter, email and/or text when updates have been added.

Preparing for September 2020

Following the publication of the guidance for September we will review and where needed, update our risk assessments and parent information booklet and visual guides. We will share these with parents so they can help their children prepare.

This section will be updated further following the publication of the guidance for schools.

Monday 7th September 2020 – Training Day. School closed to all children.

The first day of the Autumn Term 2020 for children is Tuesday 8th September 2020. We very much look forward to seeing everyone on this day.

Please note that there will be staggered arrangements for children starting in Reception.  Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Cryer will be in touch next week with details. If parents feel their child needs more of a phased start than outlined in the provisional plan, please discuss this with Mrs Cryer. 

Summer Holiday Period Support

The summer term concludes on Friday 17th July 2020. We are incredibly grateful to all our families for their hard work and support throughout what has been a challenging school year for everyone, especially over the last three months. We are also very lucky to have been able to remain open throughout the Covid -19 pandemic and I am glad that we could support you during this time.

This section contains information about the support available for children and families over the summer holiday period. 

COVID19 Summer Food Fund

Families of children in receipt of free school meals will receive a voucher to cover the summer holiday period. These vouchers will be delivered through the same scheme used to support families during Easter and the May half-term holidays.

Care Provision for Vulnerable Children and Essential Critical Workers

In line with the national approach, our schools will not be open to provide care provision for vulnerable children or children of essential critical workers over the summer, as we did at Easter and during May half term.

As part of the Government’s ‘road-map’ to easing restrictions, holiday care provision will be available as outlined by the Prime Minister:

‘Wrap-around care for school age children and formal childcare will restart over the summer’.

Boris Johnson Published 23 June 2020

Changes to social distancing rules from 4th July 2020 will make it more possible for extended family to support parents with childcare over the summer period.

North Yorkshire Local Authority is compiling a list of local providers who will be offering a range of different opportunities for children to socialise with peers and take part in creative and sporting opportunities. These will help children take important steps in socialising with other children again. We will share this list as soon as it is published.

Government Holiday Activities and Food programme

Disadvantaged children in England will benefit from free healthy meals and enriching activities throughout the summer as part of plans set out by the Government.

Backed by £9 million, the Government’s Holiday Activities and Food programme will support up to 50,000 disadvantaged children across 17 local authority areas and help them to stay healthy and active over the summer.

The local provider awarded a share of the £9 million is:

Leeds Community Foundation (Leeds and Bradford – Yorkshire & the Humber region)

Summer School – Education Provision during the Summer Holiday

 In answer to a number of enquiries regarding the operation of a summer school; we are happy to provide the following information.

The current national direction recognises that support for children to address the impact of time away from school must go significantly beyond the summer holiday period.

As stated by Minister Nick Gibb:

“If you want children to catch up, it can’t be done over the month of August – it has to be longer term over the academic year”.

We recognise that children and families have worked hard during term time to undertake learning at home and for some more recently, in school. We also recognise the pressure and strain the restrictions of recent months have placed on families.

To ensure a productive autumn term, children and their families need opportunity to rest and recharge over the summer, as they would usually do. With the ongoing easing of restrictions, it is likely that families will be able to enjoy at least some of the activities they have planned for the summer.

Running an educational summer school would potentially leave many families torn between their current plans and them wanting to access educational support for their children. They also risk extending the autumn term beyond its usual length, risking potential fatigue for children later in the term as winter comes.

We understand parents want to ensure children are fully supported socially, emotional and academically and we will produce plans of how we will do this. There is an outline of this further down the page in the section titled – ‘Addressing the Impact on Children of COVID19 School Closures.’

Preparing Children for their new Class

We understand that maintaining good learning habits and preparing well for returning in September is likely to have a positive impact on children’s confidence and learning in the initial weeks of the new term and beyond. We are pleased to provide some general ideas and suggestions below, of how children can prepare well, as well as more age group specific information also in the class pages.

  1. Rest and Recharge

The autumn term is long. Please take time to rest and relax over the summer holidays and enjoy it.

  1. Read

Keep up good reading habits: Reading to children, listening to your child read, sharing stories and audio books…Don’t forget the Reading Plus for Year 4,5, and 6 children!

Summer Reading Challenge

A great way to keep children motivated with their reading over the summer is to take part in the summer reading challenge.


Addressing the Impact on Children of COVID19 School Closures

 This is a key priority for our school at present and will continue to be in the coming year and beyond. We are taking a clear, evidence- led, strategic approach to planning and delivering this support.

We are pleased to have been able to offer places to all children in the identified Year groups of Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. We continue to provide support for children learning at home.

We strongly believe in the need for a graduated approach that can be responsive to each individual child. Although school closures have undoubtedly affected every child they have not done so in the same way. Some children attended school full time throughout the ‘closure’ period while some will have not attended for 14 term time weeks.

Many children were able to access some home learning; however, the challenges and limitations of this are fully recognised. We acknowledge it is not the same as attending school.

The impact of time away from school on children is likely to be social, emotional and academic. 

While disruption to education on the scale recently experienced has not been seen in modern times there are evidence bases on which we can draw. We can learn from the support given to children who are absent from school for extended periods due to serious illness.

There is a wealth of research around supporting children in addressing gaps in knowledge and understanding. We will draw on this evidence to ensure our plans have maximum impact. We will continue to make use of evidence collected through the Education endowment Foundation including their recent materials specifically designed around the impact of COVID19 school closures.

We will publish our strategy and the recovery curriculum of how we intend to support all children. It will be accessible via this webpage and it can be emailed to parents. Printed copies will be available on request.

Our strategy will be based on a three tier, graduated approach as outlined below. The overarching theme will be to address the social, emotional and mental health needs. 

  • ALL – For all children

Strategies and approaches that will be universal for ALL children. Examples of these types of universal adjustments would be:

  • Temporarily adjusting assessment points to gather assessment information for all children shortly after they return
  • Changes taking into account the time children have had away from school
  • Curriculum adaptations in certain subjects such as PSHCE to help support children return effectively considering the changes they have experienced
  • SOME – For Some children

Supplementary support strategies for some children who require more academic, social or emotional support. An example of this may be to extend meetings between teachers, parents and children, known as learning conversations, to help build a clear and universal picture of the desired outcomes for the child and plan strategies to achieve these. A further example would be personalised additional home learning tasks to complement schoolwork and/or small group tutoring within or beyond the school day.

  • FEW- For a few children

Intensive support for academic, social or emotional needs directed towards the children with the greater needs. An example of this would be a series of one to one tutoring sessions beyond the school day. Access to personalised social, emotional or academic support beyond term time will also be considered for children with the greatest level of need.

The plan for the staggered morning drop off and afternoon pick up can be accessed by clicking on the link below.  Please take the time to look through this to ensure that these timings run as smoothly as possible. Thank you.

September Timings parents

To view our Recovery Plan, please click on the following link: Glasshouses School Recovery Plan