Home School Agreement

Glasshouses Whole School AIMS

  • We provide a safe and happy environment where children are valued as individuals within our school community;
  • We enable children to take on new challenges, preparing them for the next stage of their school life;
  • We provide a rich and exciting curriculum leading to purposeful learning;
  • We encourage and celebrate opportunities for personal and social development;
  • We foster mutual respect and understanding of others
  • We promote a supportive partnership between home and school


Our Whole School Super Powers

Our SUPER POWER approach to school is:

  • We make good Choices
  • We are always HONEST to ourselves and others
  • We have a great ATTITUDE to learning and behaviour
  • We show good MANNERS to everybody
  • We always PERSERVERE even when we find things difficult
  • We make sure we keep ourselves SAFE




Parents/Carers Agreement

As parents/carers we will: 

  • Ensure that my/our child attends school regularly during term time and arrives at school by 8.55am each day (learning starts at 9am).
  • Inform the school if my/our child is not going to be in school by 9am.
  • Work in partnership with the school to support my/our child’s success.
  • Support the school’s policies and procedures.
  • Support the school’s Positive Behaviour
  • Support my/our child in completing homework and other opportunities for learning at home.
  • Attend progress meetings for my/our child.
  • Be mutually courteous and respectful in all communication.
  • Always conduct myself/ourselves within the school in an acceptable and appropriate manner.
  • Respect and understand children’s individuality as members of our school family.
  • Be ambassadors of our school.
  • Celebrate and share my/our child’s achievements.

Child Agreement 

As a child I will:

  • Come to school on time.
  • Use Glasshouses CHAMPS Super Powers.
  • Wear my school uniform.
  • Approach school with a positive and sensible attitude.
  • Remember to work hard and do my best.
  • Be kind and caring.
  • Respect other’s beliefs and cultures.
  • Treat others the way I want to be treated myself.
  • Share my feelings with a grown up when I am unhappy.
  • Continue my learning at home by reading and completing my homework.
  • Remember to take home any letters or information I am asked to.
  • Be an ambassador for the school.





School Agreement

The school staff will:

  • Promote CHAMPS Super Powers.
  • Provide a safe and stimulating learning environment.
  • Recognise and develop each individual child.
  • Support learning and provide challenge in order that everyone achieves their best.
  • Model and promote good relationships, positive self-esteem and a sense of responsibility.
  • Be mutually courteous and respectful in all forms of communication.
  • Have high expectations of everyone in school.
  • Provide opportunities for parents/carers to discuss their children and share any concerns.
  • Support and celebrate children’s individuality.
  • Work in partnership with parents /carers to support their children.
  • Keep parents informed about the curriculum and progress of their children.
  • Recognise and celebrate success and achievement inside and outside of school.