Healthy School

At Glasshouses School we are committed to giving our pupils consistent messages about all aspects of health to help them understand the impact of particular behaviour and choices, and encourage them to take responsibility for the choices they make.

We want to enable our pupils to lead healthy lives  and we ensure that we promote health awareness to all members of the school community. We aim to provide valuable role models to pupils and their families  with regard to food and healthy eating patterns. In school we actively support healthy eating and drinking throughout the school day.

A healthy diet is one of the best ways of maintaining young people’s health, both now and in the future. Recent research has shown that the diets of some young people are not meeting government recommendations for optimum growth and development.

To view our Food Policy, please click on the following link: Food Policy


  • *To promote life long learning about food, nutrition and eating.
  • *To develop knowledge and understanding of a balanced diet.
  • *To encourage children to enjoy food and make informed choices to enable them to keep healthy.
  • *To understand that good, nutritious food is essential to their ability to learn as well as their long-term health.
  • *To promote a positive outlook on healthy lifestyle  and the consequences of healthy and unhealthy choices.
  • *To encourage a healthy lifestyle through the association of healthy food with exercise and the promotion of health enhancing habits.
  • *To ensure that we are giving consistent and up to date messages about food and health to the children.
  • *To promote the importance of drinking water and allow children access to fresh drinking water.
  • *To promote a healthy balanced menu at lunchtime through school and packed lunches.

Partnership with parents and carers

The partnership of home and school is critical in shaping how children and young people behave, particularly where health is concerned. Each must reinforce the other. Parents and carers will be regularly reminded of our packed lunch and snack polices (see Glasshouses packed lunch guide).


We recognise the importance of eating a balanced breakfast and realise that it is hard to concentrate on learning and energy levels without breakfast. The food offered at Breakfast Club is healthy and consistent with a healthy diet. We provide toast, bread, fruit and cereals. Children can choose from water, milk and fruit juice to drink.

Mid-morning snack

Fruit is provided as a snack. Children may bring their own snack to school, providing it is a healthy option.

School Meals

As part of NYCC catering, we ensure that healthy choices are available and that national standards are met. Fruit and vegetables are included as part of the meal.  Where possible, meals have reduced fat, salt and sugar content.

Packed Lunches

Our school aims to support parents in making healthy choices when preparing packed lunches.

To promote this we have provided parents with a guidance about what to include in packed lunch boxes. We have also signposted parents to Change 4 Life healthy swaps literature. 

Special occasions 

Special occasions, such as Christmas, and end of term parties mean that children might have a treat. We will use these opportunities to reflect our ethos on having a balanced diet and talk about sugary and fatty foods being eaten in moderation.

Sweets will not be given in school as rewards for behaviour or good work. 

Food across the Curriculum 

We recognise that food has a great potential for cross-curricular work. There are many opportunities to promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle in most subjects and this will be considered when planning topics.

Weekly ‘Health and Well-Being’ lessons will reflect our whole school ethos of helping children to make informed choices about their own health and food choices.