Outdoor Education

Here at Glasshouses School we appreciate the value of learning outside the classroom and have this set into our weekly timetable. Each class has a dedicated weekly session to go into the outdoor areas within school, or sometimes further afield. These sessions are designed to help build teamwork, resilience, and independence. Within the overall programme we seek to develop practical skills and life skills that can stay with your child for their life. Examples of such are safe tool use, emergency first aid skills, knot skills etc.

Also weaved throughout the programme are links to our curriculum and the subjects taught within school, offering a marvellous opportunity to see classroom learning brought into the real world. This allows many children to see the use of their learning and for some allows them to grasp a concept that may seem abstract whilst sat at a desk. All subjects are brought out of the classroom; art, design and technology, science, history, geography, maths, and English.

Overall we seek to allow our children to grow and see that there are different strategies to accomplish a task, appreciate the environment in which they live, and learn in fun ways.

On the day that your child takes part in Outdoor Education please ensure they have all of the correct kit in school – it is all for their own safety and they may not be able to take part without it.

  • Sturdy boots or wellies
  • Complete change of underclothes (warm layers throughout most of the year)
  • Waterproof trousers and waterproof coat
Class 2 – Using nature to inspire poetry
Class 3 – Ropes and knots
Class 3 – Rope hammock (I hope we know our knots!)
Class 3 – Mayan temple mud painting
Class 3 – Ropes and knots

Class 1 – Completing our Autumn bird survey of Glasshouses Dam
Class 2 – Weather vanes in action!
Class 2 – Designing a weather vane