Class 2 – Photo Gallery

Bird Feeders

The children in Class 2 used the instructions they had written this week about 'How to Make Fat Balls' to fill feeders ready to feed the birds in the school garden this autumn and winter.

Remembrance Day 2021

Even though we missed being able to welcome our friends from the Royal British Legion into our school as we usually do at this time of year, we still spent the day exploring the importance of remembrance through lots of discussion and activities. Class 2 children created a display of poppies in remembrance and wrote a shared story based on the short BBC Children's remembrance film Poppies.

World War 2 Veterans Talk - February 2020

Years 2 - 6 were privileged to have Mr Brian Hicks and Mr Paul Kirkbright give up their free time to come spend a morning sharing their experiences of WW2. The children gained lots of new knowledge about rations, evacuees, the Blitz and much more. It was fascinating hearing from individuals who experienced this first hand.

Falconry Visit - November 2019

Fieldwork at Guisecliff Tarn