School information

Our School Vision

We aim to be a place where:

  • children feel safe and happy, knowing that they are valued as individuals within our school community;
  • children grow in confidence in work and play, enabling them to take on new challenges, preparing them for the next stage of their school life;
  • children will have the opportunity to gain and develop basic skills;
  • children co-operate, learn to share and help each other;
  • children enjoy learning and achieve the highest standards of which they are capable, enabling them to reach their potential in adult life;
  • children develop strong moral values, understanding that we are all different and we must act towards each other with tolerance and respect for other groups, races, religions, ways of life and points of views;
  • children develop a growing sense of responsibility towards their school, village and the wider world.

To achieve these aims we:

  • co-operate with each other and learn and share;
  • work hard and learn;
  • have fun and enjoy learning;
  • are kind and help to look after each other;
  • learn what is right and wrong and to be responsible for our actions;
  • understand that we are all different and act towards each other with tolerance and respect;
  • care for our school and our village and learn about our growing responsibilities towards the world we live in.