House Captains 2020/2021


We are Halle and Izzie. We are captains of Robins.

Our team are: Chloe, Emily, George and Harry B, Bob, Aura & Tom L


We are Pippa and Daisy. We are captains of Blackbirds.

Our team are: Daniel, Harry P, Layla, Ollie C, Sonny, Minnie, Isla & Darcie


We are Jack and Poppy. We are captains of Herons.

Our team are: Alexis, Eva, George & Oliver B, Jensen, Toby, Alice & Charlie


We are Max and Jude. We are captains of Goldfinches.

Our team are: Thom, Jack L, Florence, Raelyn, Harry M, John, Eleanor & Oliver T


We are Olli and Elizabeth. We are captains of Jays.

Our team are: Oliver N, Mylee, Noah, Ellie, Leo T, Rose & Connor


We are Ewan and Tess. We are captains of Starlings.

Our team are: Teddy, Seb, Poppy, Leo G, Josephine, Benedict, Imy & Freya