The Intent and Implementation of Inclusion at Glasshouses Primary School

As a Rights Respecting school, our inclusion intent is based around the following articles;

Article 23

You have the right to special education if you have a disability.

Article 28

All children have the right to a good quality education.

Article 29

All children have the right to an education that helps to develop their talents and abilities.

We are determined that every child will reach their full potential at Glasshouses. Every child, whether they are Pupil Premium, LAC,  SEND or EAL, should be educated to the highest standard, enjoy their time in school, achieve their full potential and begin to be able to contribute to society and lead full and independent lives in modern Britain and beyond.

We want teachers and support staff to feel empowered, trained, skilled and supported to differentiate across every curriculum area to enable learners to access work throughout subjects independently or with tailored and carefully-planned support. Pupils are tracked and data collated, examined and used to inform practice regularly and effectively.  

The development of pupil knowledge and understanding over time

The starting point of every child in every subject or area of development is built upon using thorough formative and summative assessment and knowledge of the pupils to inform planning. We are determined that all children will know and remember more over time.

We believe that differentiation is not simply via outcome. Rather than expecting learners to bend to the needs of the curriculum, the curriculum must be adapted for them where necessary. Therefore in any class, in any subject at any one time there may be learners accessing a variety of learning outcomes in a range of ways, using a variety of resources suited to their individual needs. This enables every child irrespective of their starting point to make progress and experience success.