EYFS Curriculum



The Early Years Foundation Stage is crucial in securing solid foundations that our children continue to build upon. It is our intent that the children who enter our EYFS develop physically, verbally, cognitively and emotionally whilst embedding a positive attitude to school and learning.  

In EYFS we strongly believe that we are at the beginning of our children’s educational journey. By igniting the flame for learning we are transforming lives, building communities for the future and broadening horizons.

We believe that all children deserve to be valued as an individual and we are passionate in allowing all children to achieve their full, unique potential. 

We begin each new year by looking at the individual needs of our children and – taking into account their different starting points - we carefully develop our EYFS provision to ensure that it is suitable for their unique needs and the stages of development of all our children.

At Glasshouses School, the overall intent of our curriculum is to inspire and excite our youngest learners.

Our curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge for the necessary foundations for the rest of their education.

Our approach to teaching early reading and phonics is systematic and effective. Phonics coverage is planned coherently and we are determined that all children learn to read words and simple sentences accurately.

Through exciting provision, the highest quality Early Year’s experience will be delivered, establishing a firm foundation on which to build future academic, enterprising, social and emotional successes. Children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning will be ignited along with the development of skills needed to learn, form relationships and thrive.

The key intent in our Reception class is that children follow a play based approach to learning.


EYFS Curriculum Intent Report