Reading and Phonics

We want to help all our children to enjoy and be successful readers who love reading. We hope that the information on this page will help you to understand our approach to reading and phonics, and give you ideas for how you can help at home.


We teach ‘Synthetic Phonics’ using a mixture of the Letters and Sounds programme and Jolly Phonics. The children are introduced to this in our Reception Class and children progress through the phases during Reception and Key Stage 1 (Year 1 & 2). They learn how to read and spell words using their phonic knowledge. We use a wide range of teaching techniques and resources in our daily phonics sessions. For further information Letters and Sounds; Letters and Sounds

High Frequency Words (Sight Recognition)

We also encourage pupils to learn words ‘by sight’. These words are the common words that are not easy to build up using phonic methods (the tricky words!) and need to be practised until they are instantly recognisable.


We introduce our children to reading through using a range of books which introduce pupils to the different letter sounds. Pupils then progress onto a main reading scheme, which is made up of ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ and Fireflies and others. In each classroom, we have book areas which have a wide variety of both fiction and non-fiction reading books to enable children to develop reading skills and broaden their experience of different texts. Books are graded by reading levels, known as book bands. This method is used in most primary schools.  Children move through the book bands in the following order as their reading skills develop. Introductory Stage Lilac
Stage 1 Pink
Stage 2 Red
Stage 3 Yellow
Stage 4 Blue
Stage 5 Green
Stage 6 Orange
Stage 7 Turquoise
Stage 8 Purple
Stage 9 Gold
Stage 10 White
Stage 11 Lime

Free Readers.

We also have a purpose built library which is timetabled for all classes to use.

Glasshouses Recommended Reads

Y1 and Y2 words

Y3 and Y4 words

Y5 and Y6 words




Glasshouses Reading Scheme