The Glasshouses School PTFA (Parents, Teachers and Friends Association) work hard organising various fundraising and social events throughout the school year in order to help raise additional income for the school. The money raised is put towards a range of educational equipment and also, school trips/activities. Funds raised in the 2018/2019 academic year will help to pay for school trips and learning resources this academic year.  So far this year we have: helped purchase books for the library and each classroom; covered the transport costs  and entrance fees for a whole-school trip to Stump Cross Caverns; paid for a falconry visit to the school; and have purchased outdoor equipment for all the children to enjoy.

Our aim for the PTFA this year is to bring the parent community into the school community, through family events and school activities.  We want all of our children to learn, thrive and have fun in a safe and caring environment.

We need more people to get involved. The PTFA is not just for Parents and Teachers but for Friends too, i.e. the local community. Everyone can get involved, even if they only have a small amount of time available.

To volunteer please contact PTFA at

The current PTFA are:

  • Chairperson: John Lees
  • Treasurer – Amy Peel
  • Secretary – Lisa Ley
  • Vicky Platt
  • Jenny Smail 
  • Elizabeth Thornton
  • Beth Downie


We meet approximately every half term and it's not just about fundraising; it's sociable and fun too! So, please get involved and support the local children in your community.  We will send out information on the Newsletters.


The PTFA also run a WEEKLY TUCK SHOP after the Celebration Assembly on a Friday.