Class 3 – Homework

Year 5/6 Homework Challenge! – Autumn 1

Bronze Award: Complete all the red tasks plus 1 other challenge

Silver Award: Complete all the red tasks plus 2 other challenges

Gold Award: Complete all the red tasks plus 3 other challenges

The focus is on QUALITY WORK, not just completing tasks quickly. Think carefully presentation and content of your work. Make sure that you do your BEST to produce work that you are proud of.

There will be a halfway checkpoint on Monday 30th September to allow you to get feedback, and to complete a task in school if you want to. Completed homework needs to be handed in on Monday 21st October.


Read at least 3 times a week to an adult.


Make sure that you log this in your reading record.

Also Log into Reading Plus at home



Practise your spellings at home. Try some of the strategies that we have used in school.



Practise your times tables at home –look at your weekly test.


Also login to Prodigy at home.



Rashid Resilience

What does resilience mean?

Give an example of when you were resilient and how did it help?



What do we mean by mental health? What could you do to maintain a good mental health?

CHAMPS – Choices

What do we mean by making a right choice? What happens if we make a wrong choice?

Why is it important to think about your choice before you act?


Make a detailed map of your house – this could be 3D, but make sure it has lots of different features and make it as real as possible.


Use your PowerPoint to make a presentation about one of the other homework squares.

Spoken Language

Choose a poem to perform to the class.

Why did you choose it?


Find 3 interesting facts about Glasshouses’ hisotry or the local area of Nidderdale.



What wildlife can you find in your garden? Make a chart or complete a survey and share your findings.


P.E – Design your own football inspired game. Write instructions of the rules and list the equipment you will use.