Class 3 – Curriculum

Below is an outline of the work to be covered over the next half term for our topic:

Where does chocolate come from?

Subject Topics

English: We will be writing a range of non-fiction texts about the Mayan Civilization. We will use The Chocolate Tree: A Mayan
Folktale, to provide us with information and ideas for our writing.

Mathematics: We will be consolidating and embedding our knowledge of all four operations and briefly look at shapes. We will be
completing an Arithmetic Paper weekly to help apply our knowledge.

Music: Pulse. What is it? How do we use it to create effective pieces of music? This will also be linked to some Mayan music.

P.E: Volleyball/Dodgeball.
There will also be some upcoming competitions to get involved in.

R.E: What makes Jesus an inspiration to some people?

P.S.H.E.E SMSC/B.V. RRSA: CHAMPS in particularly Honesty.
Anti-bullying week and looking at stereotypes and derogative language.

Computing Skills: Using word and PowerPoint. Internet Safety

Science: Living things and habitats. We will be looking at animals and plants in the rainforest. We will find out what they
need to survive and where they live within an environment. Looking at classification and identification.

(History, Geography, DT, Art): Studying the ancient Mayans, their culture, their beliefs and their link to chocolate.

Forest school. Mr. Thompson will be running Forest school.