Class 3 – Curriculum


Below is an outline of the work to be covered over the next half term




Our class book for this term will be ‘Cogheart’ by Peter Bunzl and later on we will read ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty. We will use this to inspire us to write diary entries where we will show our knowledge of life in Victorian times as well as how was can empathise with a character. We will also write arguments and debates and we will have a look at poetry. We will look at some classic poetry as well as performance poetry.


This term we will be consolidating our knowledge on calculations. We will also be looking at all elements of geometry including, properties of shapes, angles and position and direction. We will look at measurement and then we will be using the skills we have learnt throughout the year to do lots of problem solving and investigation.


In science the focus this term will be living things and their habitats. This will involve looking at the work of Charles Darwin, evolution and inheritance and how animals and plants adapt to their environment. We will look at the life cycles of animals and plants and we will also look at health and microorganisms and Victorian medicine.


This term will have a history focus to our topic. We will be looking at the Victorians. Within this topic we will be looking at the rise of the railways and how this changed the population of Britain. We will also be looking at the monarchy and some of the style and architecture in this time.


Taught by KANGA sport.




This terms focus will be looking at the question – Why are there now over 50 mosques in Yorkshire? We will look at the diversity within Yorkshire and link this with the British Values work we will do in PSHE.


Our PSHE this term will link predominantly to the British Values. We will be working with our link school closely and thinking about individuality and community. We will be visiting our link school this term and they will be coming to visit us too.

Computing Skills

The children will be working this term on coding. They will be using the computer software to work through a program where they can independently learn the basics of coding.


In art we will be looking at the textile design William Morris. We will also look at other artists from the Victorian period. We will look at architecture and design and make our own toy theatres.


In music we will be looking at some of the music that was popular in Victorian times including the rise of the brass band. We will also be learning some ‘Music Hall’ songs in class as well as the songs for our summer play.