Class 2 – Curriculum

Curriculum Map Autumn 2 – Box of Delights (Chocolate)

We will begin this half-term in Maths with finishing off addition and subtraction, then moving onto multiplication and division.

This half term we will be reading and writing non-fiction texts. We will be writing explanations about how chocolate is made, writing reports about Fairtrade chocolate and we will be following instructions to make chocolate cakes and write the instructions for others to follow.

We will continue our work on adding suffixes and prefixes this half term. We will also be working hard to spell Common Exception Words from the Y3/4 list, in fun and interactive ways.

Y3 and Y4 words

In Science, we will continue looking at the topic of Living Things and Their Habitats. This time we will be looking at The Galapagos Islands and lerning about the unusual animals that live there.

We will be learning about World War One to commemorate 100 years since the war ended. We will be learning about Walter Tull, who was a soldier in WW1.

We will be continuing our work on South America, but we will be looking at The Galapagos Islands. We will locate them on a map and look at the animals that live there.

In ICT we will be looking at programming.

In RE this term, we will be continuing our work on festivals which are celebrated by different religions.
In PSHE we will be focusing on feelings. We will be looking at how feelings and emotions can have an impact on our physical feelings and we will be looking at how to express our feelings in different ways.

In Music, we will be listening to a range of Christmas music and learning some songs.

Art & DT
In Art this half term we will be doing observational drawings and paintings of Galapagos animals. We will also be designing and making our own bar of chocolate, as well as baking cakes using chocolate.

In French we will be learning about colours and greetings.

In PE we will be continuing our work on team games.

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