Class 2 – Curriculum

Curriculum Map Summer 2019 (2nd Half-Term)

Below is an outline of the work to be covered over the next half term for our topic Romans

Subject Topics

This half term we will be reading and writing to entertain and to inform. We will be finishing our work on ‘Escape to Pompeii’ and then looking at Roman myths and legends.

We will continue our work on adding suffixes this half term, as well as looking at using apostrophes for contracting words and for possession. We will also be working hard to spell Common Exception Words from the Y3/4 list, in fun and interactive ways.

We will begin this half-term in Maths with a unit on Money. We will then be consolidating our work on all four operations.

In Music, we will continue learning musical notation and learning to play the recorder. We will also be performing in small groups.

In PE we will be doing games skills and playing competitive games.

R.E. / P.S.H.C.E
In RE this term, we will continue to compare the religions of Christianity and Judaism. In PSHE, our topic is ‘Healthy Relationships.’ We will be looking at how to recognise what a healthy relationship looks like and what to do if you are worried about how you are being treated in any sort of relationship.

In ICT we will be looking at using child friendly search engines to research about the Romans.

In Science, we will be learning about animals including humans.

We will be learning about The Roman Empire and how the Celts fought back. We will be learning about Boudicca and finding out what the Romans did for us in modern Britain.

Art & DT
In Art this half term we will be using clay to recreate Roman artefacts.

In French we will be learning about healthy foods.