Class 2 – Curriculum

Below is an outline of the work to be covered over the next half term for our topic Where in the World is Glasshouses?

Subject Topics


This half-term we will be reading and writing to inform. We have a cross-curricular approach to literacy and will kickstart the term with a field trip up to Guiscliffe to study local habitats. As we focus on non-fiction this half term the children will be writing purposeful texts for the local area including a magazine article about local wildlife and their own script for a CBBC Newsround story.


This half-term is predominantly learning about a wide range of prefixes and suffixes. We will also be working hard to spell Common Exception Words.


This half term we will be learning about place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The children will develop their confidence in using formal methods for each of the operations and there will be plenty of opportunities to apply this knowledge to solve problems in groups and individually.


In Science, we will be learning about animals, including humans.


We will be learning about the history of the local area.


In ICT, we will be looking at using child-friendly search engines to research about the local area.


In PSHE, our topic is how to look after our mental health.

Art and DT

In Art this half-term, we will be using the work of Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore to inspire some Yorkshire sculpture.


In P.E. we will be practicing the game of football, with particular focus on dribbling skills and teamwork.