Class 2 – Curriculum

Curriculum Map Summer 1 – Victorians





During the first part of the half-term, Working Wolves will be continuing our unit on length, perimeter and area. We will be looking at measuring in mm, cm and m and at converting between units of measurement, as well as further developing our reasoning and problem-solving skills around these topics. We will then move on to looking at fractions, including learning about equivalent fractions and counting in fractions.



This half-term in English, we will begin with a unit on newspaper reports and diary entries. Pupils will learn how to write in the non-fiction genre, having their imaginary friend as their audience. They will be a Victorian school child, living in Nidderdale who describes their life in terms of historical evidence from the past. 

We will read Oliver twist.



Year 3/4 children will work through the No Nonsense Spelling program, which is linked directly to the National Primary Curriculum. They will all be provided with spellings to learn throughout the half-term and will be tested at the end of this half-term.



In Science, we will be learning about ‘states of matter’. We will be comparing and grouping materials based on whether they are solids, liquids or gases. We will also be observing changes of state when materials are heated or cooled and learning about the water cycle (condensation and evaporation).



We will be comparing life in Victorian times to current times, looking at schooling, farming, artefacts in the home and resources around Nidderdale. Children will also investigate what happened in work houses and the age of children who worked there.



Children will consider and compare photographs in Nidderdale from the Victorian times to now looking for key changes to the landscape. Children will also investigate differences in buildings from Victorian times to now and look at differences in architecture from then to now.



We will be investigating aerial view images and maps of Nidderdale on the internet to understand changes to the landscape from Victorian times to now.


In PSHCE we will use the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning materials (SEAL), focusing on the ‘Going for Goals’ unit.


Working Wolves will listen to and create their own music around mood in Victorian times in Britain. They will use their voice and instruments to create their music.



We will be having a whole-school French Day in the Summer Term based on weather and the seasons.

Art and DT

We will have a whole-school DT Day this half-term which will focus on using all the DT skills, including planning, designing and making. We will be having art afternoons linked to our Victorian topic.


Year 3/4 will be having PE delivered by Kanga Sports on a Thursday morning.