Class 1 – Curriculum

Below is an outline of the work to be covered over the next half term for our topic

                                               Box of delights

Subject Topics
English We will be writing chronological and non-chronological reports and recounts.
Mathematics We will be focusing on addition and subtraction, then moving onto multiplication and division.
Music The music this term will focus on pitch, playing percussion instruments and learning Christmas songs.
P.E. We will be learning about dance through the theme of fireworks and the rainforest.
R.E. Who celebrates what and why?
P.S.H.E.E SMSC/B.V. RRSA CHAMPS in particularly Honesty.
  Anti-bullying week.
  Keeping myself safe.
Computing Skills Creating and publishing. Internet Safety
Science Living things and habitats. We will be looking at animals and plants in the rainforest.
We will find out what they need to survive and where they live within an environment.
DT/Science Making chocolates
History Where does chocolate come from?
Geography Rainforests
Forest school. Mr. Thompson will be running Forest school.




Below is an outline of the work to be covered over the next half term





Year 1

Reception children will revisit their digraphs and trigraphs during phonics sessions. We will continue with Phase 4 Phonics develop sentence writing skills. Year 1 children will continue to work on Phase 5 and learn various alternative sounds. We will explore real and nonsense words in preparation for the Phonics Screening Check



& Year 1/2

We will be writing stories based on lost toys. We will use a variety of texts to help us plan and write our own story.

Year 2 will be preparing for SATs and extra booster sessions will be taking place.




&Year 1/2

Measure including time, capacity, weight, height and length.

Revision for SATs

Music Reception

 & Year 1/2

We will continue with our singing assembly and will learn some Victorian nursery rhymes and lullabys.




& Year 1/2

Kanga Sport will continue to deliver high quality lessons’

Children will also be swimming.





&Year 1/2

I wonder…  Questions that puzzle us.

This unit uses material from Christianity and other religious traditions to explore ‘big questions’ that children might want to ask, including some religious or spiritual questions. It will enable pupils to see that some big questions have no certain answers, but they are interesting.



&Year 1/2

Children will learn ‘Becoming an Active Citizen’. They will be learning how to express a simple opinion, agreement and disagreement and to ask questions. They will be able to play a full part in the life of the classroom and follow rules for the class.

Computing Skills


&Year 1/2

The Computing topic for Year 1 children will be linked to our writing We will make posters to help in our search for lost toys, With a special focus around increasing speed and accuracy in typing. Throughout the unit pupils will be making, reviewing and editing posters to advertise for the safe return of our lost toy.



 We will begin to look at plants and what they need to grow.

 (History, Geography, DT, Art)

In geography we study the seven continents and the five oceans of the world. We will link this to the Victorian empire and where Britain once ruled.

Using a link to our English we look at Victorian toys and make peg dolls.

In art we will look at the work of John Waterhouse and his portrayal of the epic poem the Lady of Shallot by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. From this work we will sketch portraits of others and ourselves.