Class 1 – Curriculum

Below is an outline of the work to be covered over the next half term for our topic Superheroes / Where in the World is Glasshouses?

Subject Topics


This half term we will be reading and writing to entertain. We will be looking at the stories about superheroes (Supertato and Charlie’s Superhero Underpants).


We will continue our work on phonics this half term, looking in particular at long vowel sounds. We will also be working hard to spell Common Exception Words from the Y1 list, in fun and interactive ways.


We will begin this half-term in Maths with a unit on place value. We will be counting and looking at ordering numbers.


In Science, we will be learning about living things and their habitats.


In ICT we will be looking at painting and illustrating using computer programs.


In RE this term, we will be learning about different festivals and looking at who celebrates what.

In PSHE, our topic is ‘Celebrating Differences and Similarities.’


In Music, we will be learning about rhythm and pulse. We will use body percussion and untuned instruments.

Art and DT

In Art this half term we will be drawing inspired by the local area.

In DT we will be learning about nutrition and cooking. We will be making seasonal food linked to festivals.


In PE we will be learning to play hockey.