An overview of the principles and practices in Reception Class

Our EYFS classroom is a learning environment which aims to be HAPPY (because we know that happy children are responsive, receptive and enthusiastic to learn) and CHALLENGING (because we know that children are capable and keen to learn and enjoy the challenge and achievement that comes with it.)

Through planned and purposeful play in designated areas, children are able to discover, investigate, practise and refine their skills in Literacy and Maths, as well as learn about themselves and their environment. In a broad and balanced way our provision ensures coverage of all the statutory areas of learning:

* Personal and social development, well-being and cultural diversity
* Language, literacy and communication skills
* Mathematical development
* Knowledge and understanding of the world
* Physical development
* Creative development

We follow the principles set out in The Statutory Framework for the Early Years and Development Matters. These documents can be viewed in the Class 1 – Useful Links area of the website.